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Izerski Resort

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The Izerski Resort in Świeradów-Zdrój is a harmonious combination of modern and functional architecture with the charm of the surrounding mountain landscape, perfectly suiting the picturesque structure of this tourist and curative town. Its integration with its surroundings has been achieved thanks to the use of natural finishing materials such as the wood on the façade, the glass and metal finishing of the spacious terraces, and the slate topping the roof.

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Stage I

Houses A & B

67 apartments

Areas 33-87 m² 8% VAT

Functional layout of apartments

Sales finished
Stage II

Houses C & D

30 apartments

Areas 28-88 m² 8% VAT

45 commercial premises

Metraż 20-55 m² 23% VAT

Starting date:

Q2 2021

Putting into service:

Q4 2023

Stage III

Houses E & F

50 apartments

Areas 28,8-87,60 m² 8% VAT

2 commercial premises

140 m² (store); 178,16 m² (gastronomic premises)

Starting date:

Q2 2022

Putting into service:

Q4 2024

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