Why? What makes us diffrent?

  • Professionalism and experience, which directly translates into comfort and quality of guest service.
  • The latest and most advanced technology for the distribution of apartment rental offers on over 200 Polish and foreign websites, including, AirBnB and Expedia.
  • Our proprietary Revenue Management method allows for round-the-clock and active management of rental prices and a direct impact on increasing occupancy in the apartments entrusted to us.
  • Full transparency in matters concerning the number of reservations and finances, thanks to constant access to the dedicated owner panel.
  • We monitor and care for the apartments.


By giving us your apartment to manage, you will get access to the owner’s panel in a modern reception system, allowing unlimited access to information on the occupancy and profitability of your apartment from your tablet, phone or computer. You will also receive tips on tax settlements and apartment equipment.



We prepare your apartment for rent, equipping it with cosmetics and high-quality products, to a hotel standard. We will arrange a photo session and utilize modern marketing tools for the promotion of your apartment.

Now all you have to do is sit back …


… and watch your profits grow.

Now all you have to do is sit back and watch your profits grow.

We activate your apartment’s profiles on Rent Planet website and other key websites. The most modern technology allows your apartment to be available on over 200 Polish and foreign websites, such as, AirBnB or Expedia. We integrate the offer with the most popular websites such as Trivago. We implement modern guest service standards, including electronic locks.



We manage the rental of your apartment 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Thanks to modern technology and the proprietary Revenue Management system, we optimize rental prices several times a day to guarantee occupancy and maximize your profit. We have a range of professional cleaning and laundry companies that use the highest quality products at our disposal. Our guests are served by a team of specialists with many years of hotel experience who are available 24 hours a day. We systematically analyze guest opinions and constantly improve the quality of the services provided. We implement full synchronization with RentingLock electronic locks, which significantly affects the comfort of guest service.

Invest in a beautiful apartment and don’t worry about renting


Leave your phone number. Our representative will contact you to discuss the details of the investment.


Photo session and description

Professional photos of your apartment and description are key in choosing an offer

Virtual walk

A potential guest can “visit” your apartment before they arrive

Everything on hand

There is a restaurant with a bar and a playroom for children at the resort

Full insight into statistics

Check how many days in a given month your apartment is rented at any moment

Optimization of the rental price

We use the most effective algorithms for setting rental prices

Apartment insurance

We take care of all matters related to the insurance of your apartment

Find an apartment that we can look after for you

An app with a view of our investment

The app allows you to take a virtual walk around the investment and the surrounding area

Online investment presentation

Quick contact with a representative who will show you the investment during an online meeting

Online presentation

Online presentation contact form:

Please indicate the suggested day and time when the selected advisor of our sales department could remotely, in real time, lead you through the presentation of the IzerSKI RESORT investment. In order to finally confirm the date of the presentation, we will contact you via the telephone number or e-mail address provided.

In order to indicate the proposed date of presentation in the calendar, please choose an advisor.

We have launched the pre-sale of the third stage of the investment

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