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Questions about the investment

When is the completion of the investment planned?

The completion of the first stage of the construction of the investment, which has already begun, is planned for the third quarter of 2020.

How many stages will the investment have?

The investment will be a 3-stage one. The first stage involves the construction of two buildings located parallel to ul. Leśna, 67 apartments in total.

Will there be an operator in the facility that will manage the renting and maintenance of the apartments?

Yes, it will be possible to sign a long-term contract with an operator who will take care of these things.

What are RentPlanet’s (the operator’s) conditions?

After signing a contract with the owner of an apartment, RentPlanet will take care of the professional management of your short-term rental. Modern technology, advanced marketing activities and multi-channel sales allow apartment owners to obtain full transparency and maximize rental profits. What’s more, RentPlanet deals not only with guest service, but also cleaning services and the supervision of technical condition and billing matters.

Can I rent out my own apartment individually?

Yes, you can opt out of the proposed operator's services.

Are the apartments sold meant for commercial use or as living spaces?

Izerski Resort is a complex of multi-family buildings with residential premises. Each apartment will have a separate land and mortgage register. Thus, the apartments can be both rented and sold.

When is the extension of the ski infrastructure in Świeradów Zdrój planned for?

The ski complex is to be completed within 10 years. At the moment, local authorities have all of the environmental permits necessary and concept of infrastructure development ready.

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We have launched the pre-sale of the third stage of the investment

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