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Jagoda Marszałek

Jagoda Marszałek

Sales Department Manager

+48 697 661 268
Karolina Kubatek

Karolina Kubatek

Customer Service Specialist

+48 609 027 259

Joanna Gajek

Junior Sales Specialist

+48 530 002 646

Sales Department

The investment is served by

Galeria Wnętrz Domar, ul. Braniborska 14, Wroclaw - level 2 Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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The app allows you to take a virtual walk around the investment and the surrounding area

Online investment presentation

Quick contact with a representative who will show you the investment during an online meeting

Online presentation

Online presentation contact form:

Please indicate the suggested day and time when the selected advisor of our sales department could remotely, in real time, lead you through the presentation of the IzerSKI RESORT investment. In order to finally confirm the date of the presentation, we will contact you via the telephone number or e-mail address provided.

In order to indicate the proposed date of presentation in the calendar, please choose an advisor.

We have launched the pre-sale of the second stage of the investment

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